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                Orit Culture


                “Believe” is ORIT corporate culture, only we believe in each other, and then we have harmonious, civilized and happy team. Believe should be interactive, among company and employee, we and customer. Believe is the unique basis of team corporation, and the spiritual pillar of ORIT to realize self-fulfillment.

                BELIEVE PRINCIPAL


                Believe principal



                Obey to customer

                Obedience is a good way to believe customer, many conflicts can be solved. But obedience not means be slave, and not surrenders, the aim is to perform the contract.


                Tolerate to innovation

                No one can predict the future accurately, so we should be tolerant to defects. Believe innovator should be tolerant to innovation firstly.


                Moved to public relation

                Can you understand the feeling of smile with tears? Our publicist withstand the personality ordeal all the time, even be wronged. So we should be moved of their work, and this is the best way to believe publicist.



                Let little mistakes pass

                Everyone can make mistakes, only you have correct attitude to realize  and rectify mistakes timely, you are still a good staff.


                Be ready to help others

                A kindhearted person deserves respect. We should encourage and respect people ready to help others, even the result is not so good.


                Take care of subordinate

                Every leader of ORIT should listen attentively to their subordinate and treasure them, and believe them.



                Shouldn’t take commission

                Take commission means disrespect to company and all staffs.


                Shouldn’t fight

                Fight with others will be expelled from this team.


                Shouldn’t make mistakes repeatedly

                Make mistakes repeatedly means not respect to leader and your station.

                Story 1:  Doctor Li


                One day, Doctor Li, top education in their company, went fishing behind his office. He found his manager and vice manager were fishing nearly. He did not willing to have a greeting to his undergraduates.

                In a while, the manager crossed over the water to opposite for toilet quickly. Doctor Li was so surprised “Manager can

                easily walk on the water”, but he reluctant to inquiry due to he is a doctor!

                After a while, the vice manager also crossed over the water to opposite for toilet, Doctor Li was shocked by seeing “Vice manager can also walk on the water”.


                After a little time, Doctor Li was hurry for toilet, he known the long way to make a detour, finally he decided to walk on the water following two managers, because he thought he was better than those two undergraduates. But he fell into the water immediately.


                His managers pulled him out of the water and asked why he jumped into the water, Doctor Li answered: “Well, how can you walk over?” Both leaders laughed and told him: “There are two rows of timber piles in the pond, but these days they have been submerged by rainwater, we all know the location of timber piles, so that we can walk through, why didn’t you ask us?”


                Tips: Believe-our-staffs increases in value upon our education.


                Story 2:  Rich man


                One day, a Rich man threw a gold coin into bagger’s broken bowl and rebuked: “Are you blind? Can’t see my gold coin? You must respect me!” The beggar still liked wood stay and answered: “Coin is only rich, you can take it back if you like.”


                The Rich man raged, and threw 10 gold coins into the bowl again, but the beggar still ignores him.


                He got mad: “I’ve given you 10 gold coins, you must know I’m a rich man, you should respect me.” The beggar answered him drowsily: “You couldn’t command me to respect you even you are rich.”


                The Rich man said: “Well, can you respect me if I divide half rich to you?” The beggar answered: “Why do I have to respect you if I’m as same rich as you?”


                The Rich man got really angry: “And if I’ll give you all my property?” The beggar laughed: “If I become a rich man and you are a beggar, then why me respect you?”


                Tips: Believe-our-products is respectable rich.