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                ORITCRANES is the leader of euro-style cranes in china. Our will is to be the world leading cranes. Founded in 2005, the headquarters is in Beijing with 5 production bases . Our annual value is over 300 million yuan, and more than 30 service network have spread nationwide. 

                We are a product development, design, sales, installation, service set in one-scale enterprises. Main of our products: Double Girder / Single Girder EOT cranes, Under-running EOT Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Semi Gantry Cranes, Light Crane Systems, Workstation cranes, JIB cranes, Monorail Cranes, and Special Cranes with all purposes. We also deliver all kinds of lifting tools, including magnet, C hook, coil and slab tong, vacuum lifter, crab, weighing system, etc.

                We provide service for extensive market, such as steel mill, paper mill, general manufacturer, power plant, port, petro-chemical, aerospace, non-ferrous industries, army, mining and oil fields, offshore platform, shipyard, car makers, waste-to-energy factory, nuclear etc.



                We are certified by Government China, including A class Crane Manufacturing License, Installation License, Service License, ISO9001 certificates.

                Reliability facilities, such as 40m CNC flame cutting, Plasma cutting, Girder Boxing Line, Automatic Welding System, Girder Shot Blasting Line, and advanced detecting device, testing equipment, laser measuring device, etc., are operated for excellent cranes.

                We always give most emphasis to reach perfection, any of either minuteness welding line or negligible dimension will be not allowed in our factory.

                Space saving design, smaller wheel load, maintenance-free and high duty, galvanized high stress steel wire rope, adjust-free disc brake, programming limits, harden gear, inverter control, massive drum, heavy duty motor, etc., are innovative products in the field of domestic Cranes.

                Oritcranes with the technology of Internet+, has stepped to a new time of intelligent manufacture. The function of Anti –sway, Inching-speed, micro-speed, brake-open holding and the internet technology of telecommunication, distance diagnosis are popular with our customers.